Q: Do I have to complete my course all at once?

A: No.  You do not have to complete your course all at once.  You can take as little or as much time as you would like at each sitting. You don't have to log out or do anything special for the course to remember exactly where you left off.  Do a little today and come back tomorrow and pick up where you left off!


Q: How long do I have to complete my course?

A: There is no time limit to completing your course.  You can take as long as you like.  You can even complete your course after your expiration date, but of course it is best to complete your course at least by your expiration date.  We will report your completion within 24 hours and you can renew your license right away. You can even renew your license with TDLR before your course is completed or reported. However, TDLR will not release your license until your course is completed and reported.


Q: When will my course be reported?

A: We report your course to TDLR within 24 hours of your completion.


Q: How does your Buy Now, Pay Later offer work?

A: This offer allows you to enroll in our course risk free, and only pay after you are sure this is the course for you.  You can wait until you complete your course to pay, or you can pay any time along the way.  Need to begin your Continuing Education but don't have the money right now? Just enroll and pay when you're ready!


Q: What do I do after I complete my course?

A: After you complete your course you will receive a certificate to print out for your records.  You may then visit the TDLR web site and renew your license.  Their address is http://www.tdlr.texas.gov/.  You will have to pay a separate renewal fee to TDLR.


Q: Do I need to log out of my course?

A: No. You never need to log out of your course.  Nor do you need to do anything to save your progress.  Our web site will remember exactly where you left off, even if you wait to come back a week later from a different computer!

Q: How do I renew my license?

A: Our site only provides Continuing Education for you to be able to renew your license.  Visit the TDLR web site at http://www.tdlr.texas.gov/ to learn how to renew your license. You will have to pay a separate renewal fee to TDLR.


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